Who We Are

Eminence Talent Group is a boutique recruitment and consulting firm that connects top talent with companies that are compatible with their individual credentials, personal attributes and cultural fit.   At Eminence we do things differently, we take the time to understand what our candidates need, and match them with a job that will take their career to the next level. Each candidate is partnered with a Personal Recruitment Advisor who is there to assist candidates throughout their journey. With a thorough assessment, ideal job placement, and support with the transition, Eminence Talent Group strives to make a difference by getting you on the right career path with a company that supports reaching your potential.

We are dedicated to your success

Your success is our success! We commit to understanding your unique skill set, personal strengths, objectives and career ambitions- basically what makes you, you. Helping you land a role that is the perfect fit and getting you on the path to success is our mission!


redefining recruitment

We are not your typical recruitment firm, we are focused on our candidates and their needs to provide them with a well rounded approach to exceed their career goals.

Representing Talent

Eminence Talent Group operates as a talent agency rather than a typical recruitment firm, whereby we represent a pool talent. We work on your behalf to promote what you have to offer companies. We manage the various steps along the way to ensure that your best interests are looked after.

It's About You

We give you the attention and focus you need as you make one of the biggest decisions that will affect your life! Uncovering your talents and understanding where your skills and experience will be best utilized as well as where your potential will be maximized is what our Recruitment Advisors do best!


We aim to build long-term quality relationships- not just one that is transactional. The partnership created with your Personal Recruitment Advisor does not end with an initial job placement but continues as you progress in your career into the future.

What We value

At Eminence Talent Group we strive to achieve the following values in all that we do. Our style, principals, behaviors and beliefs are based on:



Success is built on relationships. We believe that partnerships work and we look to grow relationships that are built on trust, respect and commitment.


We get things done! We set goals, create a plan of action and ensure that it gets accomplish. We have created a culture of execution.


We believe that people have an incredible amount of potential and they just need to be empowered, encouraged and provided with the right resources to achieve it


We have energy and enthusiasm for all that we do. We are passionate about the industries that we serve and are committed with both mind and heart.


We strive to do what is right and do what we say we will do. Being honest, transparent and ethical are evident in everything we do.

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