LinkedIn Candidate Screening

Why LinkedIn Profiles Are Better Than Resumes when Screening Candidates

5 Reasons LinkedIn Profiles Outshine Resumes for Candidate Screening

Implementing LinkedIn candidate screening at the early stages of recruitment can enhance your hiring speed and quality. Given their updated nature and standard format, LinkedIn profiles facilitate easy comparison, reducing the chances of screening errors. Embracing LinkedIn for candidate screening streamlines the process and reduces the delay associated with traditional resume-based approaches. Here are the top five reasons why LinkedIn profiles are a superior choice for preliminary candidate screening.

1. Real-time Profile Updates:

LinkedIn profiles are likely to be more current than resumes, especially for candidates currently employed. There’s no need to wait for updated resumes, eliminating significant delays in the recruitment process. LinkedIn’s update reminders keep profiles fresh, and recruiters can freely access these without any need for candidate permission.

2. Enhanced Accuracy of Information:

Resumes often contain inaccuracies, with 53% containing falsities. LinkedIn profiles, reviewed by a diverse audience, tend to be more accurate, offering more reliable information for screening.

3. Easy Comparisons with Standard Format:

Resumes lack a global standard format, resulting in variations in structure, sequence, and content. With their uniform design, LinkedIn profiles simplify side-by-side comparisons of potential candidates, saving time and improving efficiency.

4. Exclusion of Non-Job-Related Information:

LinkedIn profiles focus strictly on professional information, excluding non-job-related data like demographics or personal details. This helps avoid potential bias in the screening process. Profiles also reveal openness to opportunities and affiliations, providing further valuable insights.

5. Reduced Cybersecurity Risks:

Resumes, often shared as email attachments, can pose cybersecurity threats. LinkedIn eliminates this risk, with no known cybersecurity vulnerabilities associated with viewing profiles on the platform.

By leveraging LinkedIn for candidate screening, companies can streamline their recruitment process, improving efficiency and reducing potential risks.